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… and welcome to our project. We, DTU’s Engineering System Division, have teamed up with the Brightline Initiative for
an interesting and highly relevant project. Together we are trying to help you make your strategy work – not just in mind,
but also in reality. There is something for both the academic mind as well as the practical executive. At our website you can
find our most recent research and insights. In the coming months we will offer pratical tools and methods that you can apply
directly to your organization and strategy work.

Learn more about the project here, and browse through our most recent work below.

DESGIN18 – Can design thinking mitigate critical strategy implementation risks?

Abstract: Failed strategy implementations are a key business risk, and we explore how applying design thinking can mitigate key risks in strategy implementation. Based on a literature review and exploratory interviews, we identify a set of key strategy implementation risks, and map these risks against the key principles [...]

The Strategy Implementer is here!

Do you struggle with your day-to-day implementation of your strategy initiatives?
If yes, then the Strategy Implementer might be a workbook for you. It presents a practical guidance for running executive-to-shop-floor-level workshops for mastering two key challenges in strategy implementation: Uncertainty and People Impact. Read more and download the workbook and following tool here. 

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