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For executives

Here, we post our most recent findings relevant for you as an executive, member of strategy staff or strategy consultants. We focus on translating our academic findings into material that you can relate to. We will update this site with relevant tools that can be used directly in your strategy work.

The Chief Strategy Officer Playbook

The Chief Strategy Officer Playbook from Thinkers50 and Brightline Initiative is out! And we have contributed to one of the chapters. Thinkers50 ( identifies, ranks and shares the greatest management ideas of our times. In this edition, you will among other highly interesting articles, find our take on strategy [...]

Timing is money

What are the four dilemmas of timing when to implement a business strategy? Sponsored by Brightline Initiative, we developed the following framework to help companies companies adapt internal resources for successfully timing their strategies. This was developed based on +30 interviews with executives from different companies and fields. It [...]

Getting the timing right

Timing is essential in the strategy execution. However, getting the timing ‘right’ is hard: if senior managers push a strategy too quickly through the organization, the strategy does not ‘sink in’ the organization, senior managers may lose potential allies, not involve relevant stakeholders and the strategy execution is likely [...]

The 4 Types of Strategy work

In the more than 40 interviews we conducted with senior executives, we started to notice that a pattern was emerging when CEOs and CFOs talked about their work of implementing strategy. We identified two major dimensions describing this pattern: What is the degree of people impact this strategy initiative [...]