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For Academics

Here you can find our newest publications and research. You will find research within three different areas: 1) Uncertainty profiles of strategy work, 2) Simple rules for strategy work and 3) Agile strategy implementation toolbox. This will continuously be updated, so stay tuned for our newest insights. 

MIT SDM 2018 – Poster: One size does not fit all – Agile strategy implementation framework

Abstract: It has long been acknowledged in the academic literature that strategy work, i.e. the way that strategy is designed and executed in an organization, has to be “fit for purpose”: It must be tailored to the specific circumstances of this organization.However, in practical application, simple frameworks dominate [...]

MIT SDM 2018 – Poster: Don’t maximize value, minimize regret: Simple rules for early opportunity screening in volatile environments

Abstract: We studied a global leading engineering, design and consultancy firm with headquarters in Denmark. They have an interesting problem: most of what they do is client-based projects. Therefore, if you are the CEO of this firm and you would like to venture into Artificial Intelligence, then you [...]

MIT SDM 2018 – Poster: Getting the timing right– Four dilemmas of timing strategy execution

Abstract: Timing is essential in the strategizing process, but getting it right is hard: if senior managers push a strategy too quickly through the organization, they may lose followers, not involve relevant stakeholders, decrease adoption or even push an unrealistic or irrelevant strategy through the organization. If senior [...]

MIT SDM 2018 – Poster: How do you create buy-in in strategy implementation?

Abstract: Major source of uncertainty and risk for strategy work, is getting participation and ‘buy-in’ in the organization. Our empirical studies and literature identified buy-in as a central risk factor in strategy implementation. To understand how executives deal with this challenge, we utilized a sense-making model detailing how [...]

MIT SDM 2018 – Poster: Wrong, but not failed? Making strategy implementation resilient

Abstract: The success of strategy implementation typically depends on conditions we cannot foresee, and which will only become obvious during or after implementation. Resilience is about reducing success-dependency on unknowns. So, how can strategy be designed for implementation under a wider range of conditions, than can be foreseen? We investigated [...]

MIT SDM 2018 – Poster: What is the uncertainty profile of your strategy?

Abstract: Different strategies face different uncertainties. Strategy implementation experience a landscape of heterogeneous risk factors both internal and external to the company. In the following we present empirical findings from 25 interviews with strategy professionals about major sources of uncertainty that affect strategy implementation, structured in a sense-making [...]

DESGIN18 – Can design thinking mitigate critical strategy implementation risks?

Abstract: Failed strategy implementations are a key business risk, and we explore how applying design thinking can mitigate key risks in strategy implementation. Based on a literature review and exploratory interviews, we identify a set of key strategy implementation risks, and map these risks against the key principles [...]