About the Project

DTU’s Engineering Systems Division and the Brightline Initiative teamed up to help senior executives – mainly CEOs and CFOs – of technology companies to significantly reduce the risk of failure of implementing their strategic initiatives. At the same time, the tools we are developing will help them capitalize on their ability to better deal with uncertainty than their competition. Our research is based on interviews and experience from hands-on application of the toolbox we are developing with senior executives. We are conducting research in three major areas:

Uncertainty profiles of strategy work
We are developing an action-oriented description of the different types of strategy work senior executives are facing. Their strategy work is differentiated by the degree of uncertainty, as well as the degree of people impact it has. The four types of strategy work we have identified and are working with are: 1. Discovery, 2. Experimentation, 3. Transformation, and 4. Operational Excellence

Simple rules for strategy work
Simple rules are decision making heuristics used by experienced experts when there is little time to make important decisions under significant uncertainty. We are exploring what Simple Rules successful executives use, what their specific context is, and to what degree they can be transferred our taught.

Agile strategy implementation toolbox
We are leveraging our extensive background in Design Thinking and product development to develop an action-oriented toolbox helping senior executives bring a structured process to highly uncertain (and complex) situations. We are exploring the applications of methods such as Co-Creation and Prototyping, and are re-developing them for the executive context in strategy implementation. This includes testing them in various settings with the full range of relevant stakeholders.

The Brightline Initiative

The Brightline™ Initiative is a coalition led by the Project Management Institute together with leading global organizations dedicated to helping executives bridge the expensive and unproductive gap between strategy design and delivery. Know more about Brightline at www.brightline.org.

The Brightline Team at DTU