“The most successful companies learn how to transition seamlessly between different strategy implementation approaches”.

In a recent LSE Business Review (London School of Economics and Political Science), associate professor Josef Oehmen elaborates on the four types of strategy work you need for the digital revolution. Even though strategy work comes in all shapes and sizes, four major fields emerged during interviews with senior executives in 40 leading companies. These four fields – or types of strategy – are:

  • Discovery-focused strategy work
  • Experimentation-focused strategy work
  • Transformation-focused strategy work
  • Operational Excellence focused strategy work

An important aspect to highlight is that an organisation does not “move” through these four types of strategy work. Instead, they are four categories that structure the portfolio of strategy work underway in the companies. Our impression was that the most successful companies had learned to execute activities in all four quadrants, all the time, and had robust processes for managing the transition of an activity from one quadrant to the other.

You can read more about the four types of strategy work right here.