Abstract: It has long been acknowledged in the academic literature that strategy work, i.e. the way that strategy is designed and executed in an organization, has to be “fit for purpose”: It must be tailored to the specific circumstances of this organization.However, in practical application, simple frameworks dominate that split strategy work into distinct “development” and “implementation” phases. While the need for specific adaptation and customization is acknowledged, there is little in terms of academically grounded, practical guidance to executive level practitioners on selecting and adapting their specific strategy work process frameworks. This poster makes a contribution to addressing this gap, by proposing specific suggestions for executing strategy work based on the uncertainty profile of the strategic task.The poster is based on the key findings from over 30 executive-level interviews, conducted predominantly at international technology companies headquartered in Denmark, on a) their process frameworks for strategy work; b) key risks and uncertainties that they manage as part of that work; and c) their thinking and decision making approaches to address these uncertainties, specifically “simple rules” and (silent) application of design thinking methods.

Citation (APA): Velasco, D., & Oehmen, J. (2018). One size does not fit all – Agile strategy implementation framework. Poster session presented at MIT System Design & Management Symposium 2018, Cambridge, MA, United States.

Download the poster here.

Below is a video of the presentation given at the SDM 2018 Symposium, Characterizing the Gap between Strategy and Implementation, at MIT. The presentation is held by Associate Professor Josef Oehmen, and starts at 1:14:00.