Abstract: Different strategies face different uncertainties. Strategy implementation experience a landscape of heterogeneous risk factors both internal and external to the company. In the following we present empirical findings from 25 interviews with strategy professionals about major sources of uncertainty that affect strategy implementation, structured in a sense-making framework. A strategy will be affected by a combination of uncertainties and have an ‘uncertainty profile’.

Citation (APA): Willumsen, P. L., Kadir, B. A., & Oehmen, J. (2018). What is the uncertainty profile of your strategy? – Sources of uncertainty in strategy implementation. Poster session presented at MIT System Design & Management Symposium 2018, Cambridge, MA, United States.

Download the poster here.

Below is a video of the presentation given at the SDM 2018 Symposium, Characterizing the Gap between Strategy and Implementation, at MIT. The presentation is held by Pelle Willumsen and Bzhwen A Kadir, and starts at 1:04:00.