Abstract: Formulating a strategy is a difficult task – and making it work is even more difficult (Hrebiniak, 2006). The world is changing rapidly and there is a high degree of uncertainty for organizations on how to run their businesses. This specifically applies to strategy implementation based on our empirical findings. Our empirical findings are based on 36 interviews with high-level executives and strategy consultants. This poster explores how to address the uncertainty through four approaches identified in our empirical findings. The identified approaches are all centered around being more agile in a strategy process. The approaches are 1) having the user in focus, 2) applying an iterative learning process, 3) co-creating with users of the strategy and 4) prototyping to validate or reject assumptions and hypothesis.

Citation (APA): Strøm, L. C. L., Velasco, D., & Oehmen, J. (2018). Tailor your strategy implementation method – Agile strategy implementation toolbox. Poster session presented at MIT System Design & Management Symposium 2018, Cambridge, MA, United States.

Download the poster here.